Quit Smoking, Stay Stopped & Enjoy The "quit Smoking Benefits"

There are lots of ways you can enjoy the life rather than smoking cigarette. Most of the time people start smoking for social status and for fun without knowing the fact that this one puff is enough to cause addiction. Cigarette smoking is not only an addiction rather it can be very dangerous and it is going to be a real killer. Quitting smoking is very essential for vital health.


When you stop smoking, you can enjoy the quit smoking benefits as fast as within 20 minutes. The abnormally raised heart rate and blood pressure
comes back to normal within an hour. The carbon monoxide content in the circulating blood decreases and thus improves oxygen supply to all the organs of the body. As your body does not have to produce mucus in large extent to eliminate the irritants, breathing becomes normal and a lot easier.


When you quit smoking for nearly 6 months, the chances of getting cardiovascular disease reduces by half and then slowly declines. However, to reduce the risk of getting lung cancer to at least by half, you need to quit smoking for more than 10 years. After 15 years of cessation, the chance of getting lung cancer is very close to a non-smoker. In nut shell, the earlier you stop smoking, the longer you can live.


Once you stop smoking, you will get back the sense of taste and smell and you can enjoy the food just like you used to enjoy before smoking. When you quit smoking, you can have peace of mind knowing that your life and your family's health are not at risk any more.

Quitting smoking is not an easy task. Most of the smokers think they can quit any time. But the truth is that the cravings for cigarette do not allow you to quit so easily. You might also be worried about the withdrawal symptoms of smoking such as weight gain, anxiety and irritability. However, with strong determination and planned effort you can quit smoking for good. You can either chose cold turkey method of quitting smoking or you can also go for step by step procedure. It is also a great idea to approach the health care provider to get some help in reducing this addiction.

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