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How i quit smoking

How I quit smoking testifies to personal experience in the nicotine battle. Smoking is a serious problem that affects the entire world, more than 4 million people die every year from smoking illnesses, this means that every 8 seconds a person dies from smoking. Many scientists and doctors have concluded that the effects of nicotine over the human body are very similar to the problems caused by cocaine and heroine.

How I quit smoking may be your story too. There is professional help found, and afterwards many people write their How I quit smoking story. It is a good thing to read and learn from someone else's experience, it helps a lot to see what difficulties one went throw and how heshe succeeded. Make the How I quit smoking experience a support for others.

The how I quit smoking scenario usually begins with how it all started. Most of the questioned smokers said that when young heshe thought it was cool. Others started smoking after an emotional problem and thought that if they start smoking they would feel better.

Most smokers started when they were young, in there twenties and evolved from several cigarettes to a packet or more a day. Almost each exsmoker that is asked the How I quit smoking question will answer something different because each body usually reacts differently to similar factors. This is why so many alternatives exist to quit smoking from the classical cold turkey method to the weirdest solutions like hypnosis.

People find it so hard to get to the how I quit smoking phase especially because of the psychological factor. Usually a person can eliminate the nicotine from the body and though side effects appear this isn't the biggest problem. How I quit smoking is personal! It takes time and lots of effort!

Reading How I quit smoking success stories can help a lot, but don't be fooled by those who sell you relaxation tapes, yoga courses or other alpha relaxation wave treatments. Real how I quit smoking stories always help, so if you need more support in your efforts against smoking join some exsmokers discussion groups or forums.

Any person that defeated this bad habit can answer the How I quit smoking question giving you encouraging tips you may need each time you feel like starting smoking again. Then you may be in the position of how I quit smoking! Good luck!

Real Stories

Now that e-cigarettes have been on the market a while, people are starting to report their ‘anniversaries’ of tobacco-free living.

Thanks to the internet, he could use the support system available through e-cigarette forums for encouragement and now he can celebrate one year without ‘lighting up.

Although the goal was not originally to quit smoking, it turns out that she is greatly encouraged about her ability have a nicotine-free life in the very near future.

One man reports he is taking ‘baby steps’ toward his addiction, but is thrilled to report that after just 2 months using e-cigarettes, he has quit tobacco.